Eh Up, it’s FILF!

Our first show was at The Queens, 11 Great Portwood Street, Stockport on 25th February 2017.

Just a private party with no prediction of what we were about to start, The Queens was attended by only a few of our friends and family. During the show a live stream appeared on Facebook, and a bunch of people made a rapid journey late on Saturday night to see us while we were playing.

We didn’t realise that things would grow so fast, and only a few months later we were playing major festivals, and in 2018 – international festivals, and selling out our own promoted shows.

Many MANY thanks to all our brilliant #filfarmy because without you, we would probably be in a home, or propping up a bar blathering on about ‘them good old days’, whilst reminiscing about our old friends who have died of liver failure, syphilis or pies.

A quick note for you young ‘uns, yes it is true – if you keep pulling stupid faces they WILL eventually stick. The evidence is written all over this website.